Letter: Assembly needs to slow down on approving rewritten zoning plan

The newly rewritten Title 21, the implementation tool of the Anchorage Comprehensive Plan, was released at the beginning of January. It is 760-plus pages long and full of changes and revisions to a document that was already provisionally approved by the Anchorage Assembly in 2010.

 After a process that took 10 long years and involved hundreds of Anchorage citizens and hundreds of hours, the Anchorage Assembly wants to pass this reworked version (reworked by Dan Coffey, the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Business Owners and Managers Association and an Assembly committee headed by Debbie Ossiander) in a big hurry.

 Assembly members, we need more time to examine this document. I have to ask, how many Assembly members will have actually read it before they are asked to vote to pass it? This document will change planning and zoning laws in ways that you can’t imagine. Tell your Assembly members to slow down and wait on voting until the citizens of Anchorage have time to examine this hot-off-the-press rewrite and see what changes have been made.

— Fran Durner