Letter: Allowing developers to take teeth out of Title 21 is serious mistake

Re: Title 21.

After we retired, my wife and I had the opportunity to travel a bit, and we soon learned that Anchorage compares very favorably with America’s best cities. 

Anchorage is excellent because of its green spaces, trails, many conveniences, health care, schools, police, public services generally, the range of its retail offerings (especially grocery stores), volunteerism, friendliness, a dynamic populace …

But there is one very large shortcoming: after violent crime, Anchorage’s very worst quality, outside the downtown area, is in its commercial development. Our commercial areas are so bad that it is very nearly a comic parody of what not to do.

As far as I can see, the people who thrive by promoting this ugly and inconvenient commercial development are the same people who want to oppose and weaken the Title 21 proposals. These people want to profit from our community while making our lives worse.

The mayor and the assembly should therefore act on behalf of our excellent city and do what is right: strengthen Title 21 as much as possible.

— Clarence A. Crawford