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Letter: Politics require compromises

In reply to McKinnon and Gardner’s comments (Jan. 20) on my letter of Jan. 17, I can only offer the following clarification.

McKinnon opines that all Republicans must vote that party’s line. Gardner implies that all Democrats will support that party’s platform. If true, that may be why we have continual inflexibility and gridlock in government. I have always been conservative but have never voted by party, as it is obvious that both party’s platforms have flaws. My vote has gone to the candidate who most closely adheres to the principles which I myself support, and who I believe will try to do what he/she promises. I have voted for Democrats and Republicans in the same election, and if they later align with other coalitions to achieve our joint goals, I don’t care.

The Leonard Pitts comment that appeared just below the letters section  including the McKinnon and Gardner letters may help explain my views.

In any case, I thank both writers for reading and thinking about my original letter;  an exchange of views is seldom wasted.

— Don Neal