Seattle Weekly introduces Anchorage serial killer Keyes to Outside readers

Israel Keyes is "the serial killer you never heard of," says Seattle Weekly by way of introduction to its cover story this week. The lengthy article has little that will be news to Anchorage readers who have closely followed the 2012 Keyes saga (ADN coverage here), but it wraps up all in one place most of what is publicly known about the law enforcement investigation of Keyes, who cut his confessions short late last year by committing suicide in an Anchorage jail.

There was the likable, easygoing Keyes, who became an atheist despite—or perhaps because of—being raised in a Bible-thumping home of 10 kids. In adulthood, he grew to be an efficient carpenter and craftsman with a 10-year-old daughter. 

Then there was the mysterious loner Keyes, who read up on Ted Bundy and became a travelin’ man, making up stories so he could disappear for days and weeks at a time. A sociopath and an alcoholic, he got off on the nightmarish terror he saw in the eyes of his victims. 

Good Keyes could be funny, Bad Keyes tended toward morbid. Once when he used an ATM, the bank video recorded him wearing a ghastly “Ghostface” mask similar to the one worn by the serial killer of teens in the Scream movie series. It was Bad Keyes’ idea of a joke: The bank card he was using had been stolen from his latest serial victim, a teen girl he’d killed and dismembered.

The Weekly notes Keyes' surprise at learning from investigators that he had committed a murder near the birthplace of his idol, Bundy. 

As The Burlington Free Press recently reported, Keyes was "stunned" during his jailhouse confessionals when detectives asked him if he knew that Burlington was the notorious killer's hometown. As it turned out, the paper said, "Keyes had traveled to his idol's birthplace and didn't even know it."

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