CD Rates Offered by Local Alaska Banks and Credit Unions Beat National Averages According to Report

CD Rates Offered by Local Alaska Banks and Credit Unions Beat National Averages According to Report

Premier interest rate aggregating website,, investigates the interest rates from local banks and credit unions in Alaska as part of its “Best Rates in Every State” series, finding that the state’s average CD rates exceed the nation’s current interest rate averages, while savings account rates in Alaska fall slightly below the national average.

El Segundo, CA, January 23, 2013 - As the Web's top resource for interest rates across the nation, Go Banking Rates examines the best savings account and CD rates offered by local credit unions and banks in Alaska as part of its ongoing survey of interest rates in each of the 50 U.S. states and Washington DC.

The latest report analyzing Alaska credit union and bank interest rate data details the top 10 financial institutions offering the best rates on popular deposit products, like 6-month CDs, 1-year CDs, 2-year CDs and savings accounts, as well as compares the state's average rates in each category against national averages.

According to the study, Alaska's average rates on certificate of deposit accounts are higher than the national averages across every term, with 2-year CD rates being the most competitive. However, Alaska's savings account rates fall slightly below the average for the entire U.S.

Go Banking Rates’ report also uncovers where the main branches or headquarters of the leading Alabama banks and credit unions currently are located to ease the process of finding competitive local interest rates.

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