Letter: America is adrift in moral decay

America does not have a gun problem. The first recorded murder did not involve a gun but most likely involved a rock and a stick, much like most of the Eastern world uses today. Instead, we have a moral problem. You can make as many laws as is possible in a legislative term and the morality will not change. Laws can’t change hearts; that can only be done by God.

Our country has decided we do want to live with moral laws given to us by God so that we could have a national conscience and ethical conduct. For 40 years the unborn have been killed with no regard to their value. Our country no longer values human life. The judicial system patterned on the moral law has deemed them unfit for our learning, vilifying those who believe in such. Our country was blessed and stood out among the nations because of that very moral law. No longer a light on a hill, we are adrift in moral decay. America is imploding financially and morally.

— Karen Bill