Letter: End X-ray assaults on travelers

How do we know that the Anchorage Millimeter Wave (MMW) scanners show only a generic body image? What is stored by the software? Where are the independent studies about the safety of scanners — both flavors? And isn’t it interesting that “some airports … will go back to having metal detectors”? Just what Anchorage used successfully until the MMW came to town Dec. 9, 2011. How did we stay safe until then?

We are paying (again) to have X-ray scanners moved to “other agencies” and prisons and military use them since “privacy is not a concern.” Yes, there you have it: Those with no rights get to be radiated and naked! Remember, radiation is cumulative. A lifetime of limbs, teeth, internal organs being X-rayed for legitimate reasons is adding up. Remember the Fourth Amendment? “Enhanced pat-down.” TSA equals That’s Sexual Assault!

Both state and federal representatives need to be inundated with demands to end the assaults on travelers in the United States. Get active!

— Patricia Anderson

co-director, Alaskans’ Freedom To Travel USA