Letter: How will Keller’s resolution give each religious school fair share?

House Joint Resolution 1

Sponsor: Wes Keller

I was curious about this resolution and how it’s going to really work. Is it going to be a portion of our state school budget and, if so, how much of it? If this is for religious schools, how much will be allotted for each religion and how are we going to know each religion gets their fair share? I mean, is 20 percent going for Christian schools, 20 percent for Jewish schools, 20 percent for Devil Worshipping schools, 20 percent for Muslim schools and 20 percent for Atheism schools … etc.

Are these schools going to be accredited and teach the basics needed to pass the federal guidelines to pass the classes, or are they allowed to use the “Thou shall bear false witness science” that King Parnell has implemented for this state? And if one school is denied their fair share, how much in legal fees will this cost us when they sue the state for discrimination? Is decimating an already strapped school system for theology-based schools really in our best interest?

— Sherryl Rose