Anchorage schools adopt new math programs

Mike Dunham

The Anchorage School District will adopt new math programs for grades K-8. The school board decided on Thursday that Go Math! will replace Everyday Math at the elementary school level and Big Ideas will replace Mathscape, the current program for middle schoolers starting in school year 2012-2014.

Everyday Math received widespread criticism from parents and teachers after it was adopted in the mid-1990s leading ASD to review the program in 2011.

"It was clear that parents and the community didn't support the district's current math program and a change had to be made," said ASD Superintendent Jim Browder in a press release.

School officials say the new materials will look more like the traditional math texts that may be familiar to parents. That should make it easier for them to help their children understand the concepts.

The district has budgeted about $5 million for the transition said ASD spokesperson Heidi Embley. The exact figure won't be released until the contract is finalized, she said. The new programs are published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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