Letter: Give key issues time for review

Remember history or repeat it.  

Ten years ago, after review by citizens, the Port of Anchorage had a well-designed master plan for an upgrade that would have been finished by now for far less money than has been spent. Then the backroom deals were made, and with the hasty approval of the Assembly (with our current mayor an assenting member), the course was changed to the mess we now find at the port: much money spent, little solved, and more money needed. 

Over more than those 10 years, Title 21 was reviewed and critiqued through many citizens’ meetings. And then the mayor took it out of the public view and threw it into the same process of back room special interests that led to the port fiasco. He asks the Assembly to quickly approve the result. I ask that these critical issues be given time for constructive public review before the Assembly shoots us in the foot again.

— Duane Miller, PE


Anchorage Daily News