Letter: Let families tend to own health

When one of my children suffered a broken nose my insurance company required someone with a medical education, not an Alaska state senator, to determine whether surgery was necessary. In an earlier matter of a misshaped jaw the opinion of the highly trained and qualified orthodontist was not good enough. They wanted a medical doctor to determine medical necessity. They didn’t seem to want the opinion of a state senator, not even the majority leader.

I’m sure the majority leader got a fine education at Nenana High School but that doesn’t qualify him or any of the other 59 citizen legislators to determine the health care necessities for everyone else. Is the cherished independence of Alaskans to be replaced by the Republican Party nanny state?

It’s not Obamacare that will come between Alaskans and their doctors, it’s Coghillcare that will have beaten them to it.

Keep your noses out of my family’s medical business!

— Andrew Leibert


Anchorage Daily News