Letter: Panetta should be ashamed

The announcement by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that our women will be placed into combat really hurt. I know that “political correctness” demanded it. Yet it is a shame on the head of Mr. Panetta to have been the man to authorize placing women into zones where machineguns and grenades rip bodies apart as he sits in safety. It will be a shame on the head of every young man in the future to be sitting at home in peace while young women are fighting and dying for his country in battle.

Many would call me a sexist, but, like Gov. Parnell, I choose respect. I believe men ought to value and defend women. Mr. Panetta has done the opposite.

There was once a ship full of men who would be utterly ashamed of us today. When the Titanic sank, the men put their women and children into the lifeboats and stood back to face death in the deep for them. And all the laws of survival of the strongest were broken that day.

— Barnabas Firth

Anchor Point

Anchorage Daily News