Letter: Parnell should step up to debate

Parnell: “My idea is to roll back oil taxes, and it’s going to put more oil in the pipeline!”

Bill W.: “ I disagree, I think your plan is terrible, and I have a better plan.”

Parnell: “Well, you are dead wrong, sir.”

Bill W.: “Then let’s have a public debate where Alaska can hear both sides of this huge issue.”

Parnell: “Uh … no.”

Bill W: “ Why not? If your plan is so great, prove it to the people.”

Parnell: “Look, a moose!” (Runs out back door.)

The sad thing is … this isn’t a joke. It’s really happening.

Gov. Parnell should step up! Why hide? We deserve better than this Alaska.

— Bob Lester


Anchorage Daily News