Dog Blog: Do you try to rescue wandering dogs?

Do you stop and try to help strays you see running loose? I have to admit that most of the time I don't. Oh, I've tried, especially when the dog's in a high-traffic area or it's winter and the dog's not suited for the cold. But after numerous attempts only to have the dogs run away from me, I often wish the dog my best and keep going.

I bring this up because last night my wife and I saw a dog wandering untended in an Airport Heights neighborhood in -11 degree cold. It was she who insisted we stop and try to help her. 

As it turned out, we were glad we did. The dog, later pegged by Animal Control as a soft-coated Wheaten terrier, was the friendliest dog I've ever seen running loose. She came right up to me, took a treat from my hand, and later hopped in the car when I opened the door.

It was after 6 on a Sunday night and AACCC was closed. With three dogs of our own at home with various opinions on which dogs are welcome in our house, we wanted to avoid bringing the dog home for the night. We drove to AACCC thinking we might use the late-night drop box. Unfortunately, the late-night drop is at least temporarily closed to the public. Police and fire officials have access to it, but that's it.

We lucked out, however, when we ran into an employee who was leaving work late. We explained our situation, and she agreed to take the dog in for the night. We certainly appreciated it. Last I heard, a woman had called and said she thought the dog featured on AACCC's rescue website was hers and was planning to visit. We have our fingers crossed.