Letter: People should know the facts

Mark Mendonsa’s babble (Letters, Jan. 28) was no more than I’ve come to expect from the “Palin-tweeker-snowmobile set,” but I must take issue with some of his claims:

I am not nor have ever been a supporter, sympathizer or member of Al-Qaida. They were my enemies before he ever heard of them. 

I’m Shia (the oldest Muslim sect). Al-Qaida doesn’t accept us as Muslims. No problem, I don’t like them either. I’ve confronted them and their supporters in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. In Arabia they threatened to make me “disappear.”

Whenever I’ve written about Al-Qaida in the Daily News, I’ve denounced them for the bigoted, fanatical murderers they are. They’re the enemies of Shia and Sunni alike. Perhaps that’s why Mr. Mendonsa’s heroes in the Reagan-Bush administration armed and financed them. 

Nor did my letter mention “Shariah.” I discussed French atrocities during Algeria’s war of independence. Mr. Mendonsa should reply to what I write, not the Glenn Beck voice in his head. 

In case he hasn’t figured it out yet, this means his claim constitutes libel.

— Al-Hajj Frederick H. Minshall