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Letter: Which rights would he protect?

Concerning Mr. Jenkins’ column on January 20th, I have a couple of questions.

While he makes an allusion to stepping on First Amendment rights when he writes “without bruising the First Amendment,” he proceeds to tear into creators of violence-laden video games and other media. Then he wraps up that portion of his tirade with the statement, “Hollywood, after all, loves Democrats.”

If I interpret his remarks correctly, Mr. Jenkins objects to the unbridled ability of video game and other media creators to portray and display violence. It would seem a lack of enforceable boundaries to their First Amendment rights creates a threat to our safety.

With the latter quote, I think of those who are noted for their participation in violent media like Clint Eastwood. We saw him last at the Republican convention showing no love for at least one Democrat.

So my questions are: Can Mr. Jenkins tell us which amendments he believes can be taken to extremes and which can’t, and why? And, does he believe overgeneralizations make for a better column?

— Mark Lovegreen