Letter: A deep secret revealed

I read the Daily News (Sunday) lead article concerning the dismembering activities of Israel Keys, the abhorrence to evil and the questioned reactions to the details of the ongoing investigation as it looks for an answer. 

I also remember reading the praises of Roe v. Wade lauded by Helen Nienhueser’s Compass editorial four days prior. The truthful investigation of the outcomes of Roe reveals the fact that an exponential number of dismemberments has occurred since its enactment.

We call one scenario a travesty, the other a right. We call one a killing, the other a safe medical procedure.  We demand justice for one and excuse by rationalization and legalization the other. One method we claim as horrific, the other we nuance into clinical finesse. As a society, we attempt to embrace both abhorrence and praise about co-equal practices and outcomes. 

The deep secret has been revealed — a diagnosis: severe societal schizophrenia!

Whatever prognosis will be forthcoming, if any, it appears that a deeply transformational intervention is necessary.

— David Buchanan

Eagle River