Letter: Has transparency eluded Alaska?

Cheers to Lisa Demer’s “Legislators’ Pay Raised by Office Allowances” (Wednesday) which detailed the conspiracy behind how a legislative panel “quietly” proposed what amounts to a 32 percent and 40 percent increase in pay (i.e. public assistance) “with no accounting for the money” required.

 Ironically, it’s unfortunate that teachers and staff in Anchorage are once again facing imminent funding and job cuts. If House Bill 16 passes, (Public Assistance and mandated alcohol-drug testing) it will be interesting, in this age of transparency and Wikileaks, which, if any, of the Alaska representatives pass this test. No studying required.

Jeers to Gov. Sean Parnell for not being open to Alaskans and accepting the honor of debating Sen. Wielechowski about oil taxes and Alaska’s oil future. Discussion and debate help us to advance as a society. Alaskans need and deserve the opportunity to base our own conclusions on these important issues and not to have these decisions made behind closed doors with corporate lawyers and accountants. Our fractured state needs leadership and direction through open dialogue and discourse. These are the ingredients for progress. 

— G. Andrew Page