Letter: Time to move into 21st Century

I just recently read a letter about how our Secretary of Defense should be ashamed about letting women into combat. I just wanted to say: Times have changed. It isn’t about men cowering in the corner, trying to find another scapegoat to send off to war. It’s the fact that women are wanting to fight for their country, and do something to make a difference. They want to stop this form of segregation in their country; this isn’t the 20th Century anymore.

I also wanted to point out something about the Titanic comment: True, as it may be that it was women and children first, do you know how many women stayed behind and sent their husbands and older sons off the ship so they could continue the family name? Or how many women and children who got off the ship also perished?

Please do us all a favor and wake up to reality; women don’t have to be stay at-home moms or wives anymore.

— Matthew Wells