Letter: Gara doesn’t deserve attacks from Moore

I was saddened to see Ivan Moore’s very personal attacks against Rep. Les Gara in the Jan. 24 edition of the Anchorage Press. I have watched and admired Les for many years. I consider him one of Alaska’s outstanding legislators.

I know Les Gara. He works hard. He listens. He stands up for Alaskans. His views are mainstream. He doesn’t let corporations write his policies or provide blueprints for what he does.  

He’s done more than any other legislator in the state to improve Alaska’s long-ignored foster care system. He’s worked diligently to pass legislation protecting the rights of fishermen to access public fishing waters. Les supports strong consumer protection, election integrity and privacy legislation. And he reflects the majority Alaska view on oil and gas development.  

My experience in Alaska territorial and state government has been that policy should take precedence over personal attacks.

— Katie Hurley