Letter: McKinley just fine for mountain

Once again Sen. Murkowski chooses to spend time and energy on renaming a mountain that has existed quite nicely with its current identity for more than 100 years. I believe this is nothing more than thinly veiled payback and pandering to the people that re-elected her. How much would it cost the taxpayers for alteration of every federally published map and navigation chart? This is a politically correct can of worms that does not need to be opened.

I have no doubt that the indigenous people who lived in Alaska had names for all significant landmarks. Mount McKinley has a name, as does Mount Foraker, Cook Inlet, Mount St. Augustine, etc. So where does this end?

There are many pressing issues affecting the state that need attention. There are many pressing issues affecting the nation that need attention. Mount McKinley is not broken and  does not need to be fixed. The United States of America is broken and does need to be fixed! The senator should focus her energy.

— Michael J. Koskovich