Unalaska fights back against attacking eagles

Bob Hallinen

Unalaskans continue to do battle with dive-bombing eagles that are defending nests on the cliff faces in the Aleutians city. In the past, people injured by eagles from a nest right outside the Iliuliuk health clinic didn't have far to walk to get medical attention. But that nest was one of two that were destroyed last week, reports KUCB.


The intrepid eagle vanquisher’s name is Mikel Saunders. He’s not an eagle nest removal specialist, or even a wildlife expert. Normally he does blasting work for the company that’s clearing the site for Unalaska’s new wastewater treatment plant, but for the past week, he’s been applying those skills to demolishing eagle nests - starting with the clinic one.

“All of the nesting debris -- all of that went down over the edge of the cliff," Saunders says. "And then we actually pried the rock outcropping right off. So it’s no longer a ledge, it’s a lot steeper. And then we brought wire in and actually meshed the area where the outcropping used to be so that nothing could land.

Because of the difficulty in getting permits and the expense of removing eagle nests, two other nests from which eagles have been launching attacks -- one of them near the post office -- remain in place.

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