Letter: Natural gas statements seem to send different messages

I just received an e-newsletter from Sen. Lisa Murkowski where she speaks of her recent energy trip to Asia. The trip was to discuss trade opportunities for Alaska’s natural gas. She states both Japan and Taiwan expressed strong interest in securing a long-term stable supply of energy. She states that “we in Alaska are blessed with an abundance of natural gas."

Next, I have the January Enstar newsletter insert. Here, we are told that due to the decline in Cook Inlet production, Enstar and other utilities are forced to look for other energy sources to meet customers needs. The letter explains several alternative sources including a North Slope Pipeline (apparently a long time in discussion already but not yet a reality), trucking LNG from the North Slope or even importing CNG/LNG from other regions around the world!

These would appear to be opposite messages. I wonder which is true? Am I concerned that we may run out of natural gas in the next few years? Or should I relax because we have enough to trade?

— Jean Kudyba