Letter: Demand answers on oil tax bill

Well, it looks like Gov. Parnell is refusing to debate Sen. Wielechowski so it is up to us as citizens to uncover the truth about SB 21 for ourselves. Please contact your senators and demand answers to a few critical questions that the governor should have had the courage to answer for himself in open public debate.

The governor proposes to give away as much as $1 billion/year to the oil majors with no guarantee that gift will be reinvested in Alaska. What effect will that immediate loss of revenue have on the state budget?

What will be cut from the operating budget to balance out the loss of that enormous amount of revenue?

Do you foresee state sales taxes, income taxes or others to make up for this revenue?

Should Alaskans just accept that we will see huge cuts in the operating budget or state taxes to replace the gift to the most profitable corporations in the history of the world?

Important questions that need to be answered by your legislators now.

— Bob Atkinson