Letter: Hearing should be open to all

Uh-oh. The Assembly announced a new hearing just for owners of industrial zoned lands. Closed meetings? Bad idea.

 This meeting should be open to the public so they can hear from “owners of industrial zoned lands,” followed with a public comment period for opposing views. 

 If not, more changes will require more hearings and anther delayed vote because the public must be given enough time to examine and respond to these changes.

 Once more the mayor and Assembly are short-circuiting the democratic process. Open up the discussion on this topic to all interested parties. Good politics is the art of compromise, which allows all parties to win a little but not all. Don’t shut out anyone. 

 If this is not done the perception once more is that the mayor and Assembly are dancing on the edge of corruption, encouraging cronyism, back-door politics and special interest preference over the will of the people and the democratic process.

— Francine Lastufka Taylor