Anchorage residents establish North Tread Co.


Color tires revolutionizing the industry of car customization

North Tread Co. recently announced the release of their colored tires, a dynamic combination of durability and bright, vivid colors. The BOREALIS WAY line of tires are U.S. Department of Transportation approved-verified A-Quality Rating that provides exceptional tread life and an array of  colors to satisfy any custom automobile enthusiast. 

"Our goal for the BOREALIS WAY line of tires is to provide consumers with options where there once were none,” said Wayne D. Hardy, CEO and Co-Founder of North Tread Co. "…with the innovative design and variety of colors we strive to revolutionize the tire industry like never before.”

The tires delivers pure color throughout the tread rubber, resisting wear and maintaining traction. They are designed to provide individuals an alternative to the plain, black rubber tires, with unique color options. This product is for more than just visual appeal, it is tested and UTQG rated at 300AA. 

Tires are now readily available in the United States with shipping all over the nation, direct from the distributor, by visiting Tires are currently available in sizes from 16”-19” with 20” and above upon request.

For more information about North Tread Co., contact Lynn Hayes, or call 702.816.7257. 

North Tread Co. was founded in 2012 and is the first to launch the Borealis Way line of tires in the United States. To learn more about North Tread Co., visit