Letter: Educating children tops giving more money to oil companies

Monday’s Compass in the Anchorage Daily News  (Feb. 4) by Superintendent Browder and the Anchorage School Board President Mackie, suggests to me that they need to reassess their perceptions of our current and future Alaska fiscal reality.

Our esteemed Gov. Parnell is pushing a bill that would give billions over the next 5 years to the very oil companies that have made and are making billions of dollars from Alaska’s resources. Gov. Parnell has also made education of our children one of his top priorities. Given these two facts my opinionconcludes we should not shortchange our children and their education by $25 million a year, while giving billion dollar gifts to the oil companies.

It seems to me that superintendent Browder and president Mackie would have Alaskans accept this order of priorities for our children. As a 38-year Alaskan I support prioritizing our children, their education and their futures. I do not believe we can afford not too. Our future also depends on funding their education.

— Hugh R. Hays