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Letter: Just how far do we want to go when it comes to restrictions?

First Amendment restrictions in the context of proposed Second Amendment restrictions:

In order to exercise the First Amendment, it must have a sporting purpose. Therefore outside of sports announcers, reasonable restrictions must apply.

Obviously the framers had no idea of the Internet, TV or radio, and the amendment only says speech, so only spoken words are protected.

Assault words are banned. All of the seven dirty words you can’t say on TV are prohibited.

In order to exercise free speech, one must apply to the state for a license, submit a fee, notarized affidavit and upon showing of good moral character, the state may issue a license to speak for good cause, and only for sporting purposes.

Reasonable restrictions will be imposed on a list of banned books. Background checks will be necessary prior to reading anything on the list of restricted books.

Before speaking, each person must undergo a full background check.

None of these restrictions shall apply to the right to vote.

— Robert Adams