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Should pups be allowed in public before competing their parvo immunization?

A Facebook friend requested this week's topic. He's noticed a lot of young pups in public areas and wondered about the risk of parvo. My understanding is puppies typically don't complete their parvo vaccines until about 16 weeks of age. And while a deep freeze can lessen the risk in an area, any kind of thaw can send the risk skyrocketing.


For those who have raised puppies in Alaska, is that a concern? Should puppies be allowed around strange dogs and areas where dogs frequent before they've completed their immunization?


Personally, I broke that rule with the dogs I've raised as a pup. I know that the first weeks of a dog's life are incredibly important for socialization, and with my last pup I rolled the dice and let her socialize with other known dogs before she completed her shots. In that case, I was rewarded with a wonderful social pup, but I would likely be singing a different tune if she'd gotten the disease.


What's your opinion? Should dogs be allowed in public before completing their shots?