JBER gate crasher left behind a clue -- a license plate

Lisa Demer

A young man in an old pickup truck who crashed through the gate at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson early Jan. 19 and plowed past military police officers was tracked down by the vehicle license plate, which fell off at the gate, according to a charging document filed Monday in U.S. District Court.

Kyle Hansen, 25, of Palmer, is jailed on charges of assault on a federal officer, destruction of government property and illegally entering a military property, according to the court filing. The truck caused $30,000 to $50,000 damage to the closed gate, the document said.

The license plate number, 3605 DB, was traced to a 1994 GMC Sierra registered to Shawn McKenna, who told Anchorage police that Hansen asked to put the truck in his name because he wasn't allowed to have a vehicle. Hansen is on probation for felony driving under the influence and felony eluding, the document said. Around 9 p.m. on Jan. 19, police found Hansen hiding under a bed in McKenna's Eagle River apartment.

The night before, McKenna either called Hansen to pick him up at TGI Friday's or was drinking with him there before catching a ride to an apartment in Anchorage, according to differing versions. Hansen was so intoxicated that night, McKenna said, that he insisted he be dropped off rather than go all the way home to Eagle River, the charges said.

However, in a Jan. 31 interview with an agent from the Air Force Office of Special Investigation, McKenna said Hansen wasn't drunk but was taking Coricidin D cold and flu medicine, which he sometimes abused, and that in the past, Hansen used heroin, the charges say.

Around midnight on Jan. 19, Air Force patrolman Mark Hager said he saw a blue GMC pickup truck crash through the Boniface Parkway gate. The driver sped through the military installation at 60 mph and eventually hit a security vehicle with officer William Pehrson inside, causing some $8,000 in damage, the charges said.

The driver kept going and met a roadblock guarded by Staff Sgt. Cody Murray, Senior Airman Joseph Solven, Airman 1st Class Julio Camacho, Spc. Robert Melton, and Spc. Damian Finkelstein, the charges said.

The pickup truck struck Camacho's rifle, and military officers at the scene opened fire, hitting the truck multiple times, the charges said. But the driver didn't stop.

Around 2 a.m. on Jan. 19, authorities said, Hansen began texting McKenna: "pick up your phone," "I need you now," and "s--- hit the fan."

McKenna took a cab home and around 3:30 a.m., Hansen showed up, the charges said. He had belongings from the truck, used syringes, and an empty alcohol bottle, the document said. He told McKenna he was talking on his cell phone with a woman when he went through the gate.

He told his friend he didn't stop because he was afraid the military was going to kill him, the charges said. "He was going to go home, get his guns and go out with a bang because he couldn't go back to jail."

The military investigation into the security breach continues, Maj. Joseph Coslett said Tuesday.


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