Letter: Education vouchers are fair

I think education vouchers for private and religious schooling is only fair. Why should I foot the entire bill for my kids’ education just because I choose a private school so my children don’t have to be with a bunch of undisciplined brats. I drive them to school and volunteer there regularly, and wouldn’t mind paying some above a voucher to provide my kids a better education.

I could have taken the chance of a charter school lottery to get them in a special place with automatic placement for my younger children, but we wanted more. A friend argues that more of this would further dilute the number of motivated students and involved parents in our neighborhood school, and in the long run affect the quality of the entire community.

I don’t care if he can’t afford to pay more, and can’t drive his kids across town. I mean why should I even pay taxes to educate other people’s kids? Our new Legislature will give us our vouchers and foot the added cost.

— Tim Pritchett