Letter: Our democracy has holes in it

Alaska’s Republican Party threw out the legitimately elected chairman before he was in office because the power brokers lost control — fair and square. Just sour grapes?

The governor advocates changes to provide more of “our money” to the oil producers citing the need for incentives. Why? The oil producers love Alaska. They do not have to fear terrorists, or pay fees in contracts with foreign governments or even develop their current leases in spite of their lease agreement saying that they must. The oil and gas is theirs and they will do what they want with it — period. The governor does not want a public forum. Why?

Now the party in control of the Legislature wants to fund private education while gutting public education. Forget the Alaska Constitution and its prohibition of funding private (religious) schools. Remember, our leadership could not even pass a “nonbinding” resolution stating that it is wrong for churches to cheat on their property taxes.

Am I missing something here? Accountability and representation is paramount in our democracy.

— Richard Onorato