Letter: A strong Title 21 will pay off

Richard Florida’s brilliant speech to over 1,500 businessmen and women at the AEDC annual luncheon could not have been more relevant to one of our city’s most pressing issues. Based on extensive research and analysis, Mr. Florida emphasized that a city’s ability to thrive as a place to do business now and in the future is dependent upon several factors. One of the most important considerations is the quality of the built environment that the city offers to current and prospective residents.

We can only hope that all of the members of the Assembly heard this crucially important speech, as they deliberate about Title 21. Do we truly want to be a city that attracts talent and resources and retains these assets? If so, as Mr. Florida’s analysis shows, we need to provide an attractive built environment.

A strong Title 21 is good business.

It is time make the necessary regulatory investment in our built environment by adopting a strong Title 21 that will reap business dividends for our city for decades to come.

— Deborah L. Williams