Letter: Don’t want to pay taxes? Move

Re: Tim Pritchett letter of Feb. 8.

Education vouchers for religious schools are unconstitutional: “Article IX, Section 6, No tax shall be levied, or appropriation of public money made, or public property transferred, nor shall the public credit be used, except for a public purpose.” 

Just because Mr. Pritchett is prejudiced against the students enrolled in the Anchorage School District and believes they are all “undisciplined brats,” that does not make the taxpayer footing the bill for his religious school a public purpose. He contributes to the education of other people’s children because he chooses to live in the Municipality of Anchorage. If he does not wish to pay for the education of our community’s children, which is a public purpose, than he  should move to unincorporated land and do as he wishes without paying property taxes. 

As a product of ASD, I can  tell him that I received a great education. Furthermore, I am astounded and insulted that he thinks his children are better than the 50,000 or so who are currently attending ASD schools.

— Sarah K. Starzec