Letter: Free education makes US run

Re: Tim Pritchett on education vouchers.

He answered his own question. Why should he “foot the entire bill” for private education because he  “chooses a private school” so his kids don’t have to be in school with children he calls “undisciplined brats”? 

Because, as he says, he chooses it. He pays taxes that go into public education because everyone does, so that every kid has the chance at education even if their parents cannot afford to send them to private school. Free education, whether he likes it  or not, makes this country function.

So we are all in for free public education, or we are all out. Further, if he gets his tax money back to spend the way that he chooses, why should I, who does not have kids, not get my taxes back to spend as I want?

Vouchers are not fair. Mr. Pritchett may not like the public schools for whatever reason but that is his choice, not mine or anyone else’s, and it is his bill to foot, not the state’s.

—  Karis Koett