Letter: Begich insulting to Alaskans

I sent a letter to Sen. Begich asking him to vote no on a particular issue; here is part of his response: “While I know many Alaskans have seen negative ads against Senator Hagel, these ads are paid for by several non-Alaskan political groups, and I do not believe Outside interest groups should run attack ads telling Alaskans what to do...”

I think for myself. I find Sen. Begich’s statement, quoted above, quite insulting to all Alaskans. I, like most Alaskans, am educated and informed. I do my own research and I use an individual’s own words to formulate my positions on politicians and the issues. I watched the congressional hearings on TV; I would bet that Sen. Begich did not.

The question that needs to be answered when a politician goes against what the majority of the people want is: What did he get for that vote?

— Mac Neley