Letter: Assembly chairman Hall has been given plenty of chances

Ernie Hall thinks citizens are “jumping to a conclusion” in portraying his sponsorship of the mayor’s latest attempt to outsource the municipal workforce as a betrayal. And “before they make decisions about Ernie Hall” we have to wait.

The municipal election process in 2012 was a debacle. We waited and waited for actions from Chairman Hall indicative of learning lessons. It was two muni employees under the bus and call it good.

For over a decade, healthy public participation defined the process of developing a comprehensive plan, Anchorage 2020, and its implementing regulations, Title 21.

Under Chairman Hall’s leadership, the Assembly is poised to undermine that decade of painstaking public process to include Coffey’s Title 21 special interests written without public input. The rewrite of labor laws was accomplished in private.

Both were released late on a Friday with action scheduled to begin the following Tuesday.

Chairman Hall’s past actions or lack thereof lead to inescapable conclusions. It’s  unnecessary to wait any longer in making “decisions about Ernie Hall.”

Three strikes, you’re out.

— Mike Kenny