Letter: Parnell puts the wealthy ahead of workforce and environment

The Sunday, Feb. 10 front page presented quite a juxtaposition of news. 

Lutheran Social Services is “meeting tough times” by caring for the poor, unemployed, homeless — the “least of these.” Against great odds and with meager resources, they are fighting the good fight of faith as they love God with all their heart and their neighbors as themselves.

Meanwhile, Mayor Sullivan and his cohorts are fighting to rescind collective bargaining rights. Lest the most powerful of our society bargain in good faith with workers, and lest the most wealthy ever pay a cent more in taxes, we must break unions and disempower workers.

Meanwhile, Gov. Parnell, while ignoring and undermining science, cares for his crony capitalists to the detriment of God’s creation — the seas and aquatic life.

I assure you: Jesus weeps!

— Rev. Glenn C. Petersen