Police: No foul play in Letitia Baxter's death

Casey Grove

Police say a months-long investigation showed foul play was not involved in the death of Letitia Baxter, a longtime Anchorage resident missing for more than seven weeks and discovered dead near a popular city trail.

Baxter, 63, disappeared after leaving her sister's home downtown Aug. 3. Baxter's boyfriend found her badly decomposed remains Sept. 24 on a bluff near Earthquake Park in the woods off the Coastal Trail.

In an October autopsy, a medical examiner was unable to determine the specific cause of Baxter's death, Det. Monique Doll said. Subsequent investigation over the next several months showed Baxter was not the victim of homicide, Doll said.

"We found no evidence of a criminal element or any suspicious activity," Doll said. "There was nothing that would immediately reach out and indicate to me as an investigator that something untoward, something sinister or something criminal had happened."

Doll refused to say if the investigation turned up evidence that Baxter had either committed suicide or died accidentally. She said investigators looked into many aspects of Baxter's life to eliminate various possibilities of how another person could have caused her death. That included serving search warrants, Doll said, though the detective declined to comment on the searches or any other specific methods investigators used.

Doll said she and other investigators discussed their findings with Baxter's family.

"They are satisfied as well," she said.

A final report in the case was filed Feb. 5, police spokeswoman Dani Myren said.

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