Letter: Senate should torpedo HB 80

Shame on Gov. Parnell, his underlings and House members who want to continue polluting Alaska’s pristine ocean waters. House Bill 80 amends the 2009 law eliminating the scientific panel and short circuits its final report, as well as lowering dumping standards to including harmful metals.

Rep. Dan Saddler said we can’t expect them to have higher standards than municipal standards. Don’t forget, when Point Woronzof was completed with its primary treatment of sewage, under Mayor Asplund in 1972, a tertiary treatment plant was promised within 10 years, and no mayor since has had the intestinal stamina to touch it.

Rep. Millett said we can’t penalize one industry for doing business in Alaska. That’s the problem, a lot of corporations do their business in Alaska and expect others to clean it up.

Hopefully, the Senate will do the right thing and vote against HB 80.

— Barbara Winkley