Letter: Sullivan is justified in trying to reduce the power of unions

Mayor Dan Sullivan’s proposal to weaken the city’s unions is long overdue. Union members in Anchorage are a small minority compared to the total work force. Yet the rest of us pay higher property taxes to pay their inflated wages and benefits.

Government workers no longer work for the government. Their loyalty is to the union. The mayor’s proposal will change that by giving the Assembly (which represents all of the people) the final say in contract negotiations. Their loyalty will be to the non-union managers, not the union. If that weakens the unions then so be it; they have no one to blame but themselves. The mayor’s proposal will be good for Anchorage, and especially good for city employees.

Unions have an important role in our economy, but have to be reined in so members understand who pays their wages and salaries. It’s not the union, it’s the Anchorage taxpayer. And yes, my wife and I lived in Anchorage for 33 years, and now live in Mat-Su, as do many Anchorage city employees.

— Bob Lewis