Letter: Our leaders should put their mouths where their money is

In his Tuesday letter Mac Neley states, “The question that needs to be answered when a politician goes against what the majority of the people want is: ‘What did he get for that vote?’” Mr. Neley needs to be directing that question to each and every one of our legislators who vote for HB80 on cruise ship wastewater discharge standards. They are overturning the majority voice of the 81,963 Alaskans who enacted statewide ballot Measure No. 2 in 2006, an election in which Sean Parnell by contrast received 50,328 votes.

I love John Binkley’s (30,349 votes in that 2006 election) assertion that he has drunk such effluent and that while not meeting U.S. standards it is nonetheless potable. The logical extension here is that all water coolers in the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Governor’s Office and the legislative offices use nothing but cruise ship discharge. Let them put their mouths where their money is.

— Andrew Leibert