Letter: Sullivan's union proposal is a rotten idea beginning to end

The mayor seems to be trying to import adversarial Wisconsin-style politics to Anchorage with his proposal to water down the strength and purchasing power of unionized workers and to enlarge the power of city government. Unionized workers are our neighbors. They are the people who plow our streets, keep our lights on, protect our families and homes, and provide other vital, everyday services that many of us take for granted but would miss if the job didn’t get done.

I am tired of attempts by politicians to grab more power at the expense of ordinary people trying to make a living. The mayor’s proposal is a terrible idea that is being rushed through the Assembly. His proposal should be rejected outright. At the very least the process should be slowed to allow adequate discussion and input from the public. Rushing this through now, before the April elections, smells rotten.

— Sharon Stockard