"Typical lying SOB type" - Palins fire back at Field & Stream

Chuck Heath Jr., brother of former Gov. Sarah Palin, is not happy about a blog post this week in Field & Stream taking shots at her 2010 caribou hunt on her reality TV show.

In the post, on The Gun Nut blog, writer David E. Petzal revisits Palin's TV caribou hunt, which included missed shots and an apparent unfamiliarity with the rifle she was using.

Petzal had mentioned Palin in a previous post about politicians who pass themselves off as shooters:

Sarah Palin, who made herself out as a hell of a shooter, was taped trying to gun down a caribou, which she missed repeatedly, and had to have her guide yank the rifle away from her because she didn’t know how to operate it.

Some of Petzal's readers took issue with that. In the new post, "Sarah Palin's Shooting," he digs in:

First, she allows her dad and the guide, who are both apparently nitwits, to jabber at her continually throughout the performance, make suggestions, swap rifles when it turns out that the first one has a bum scope (!), and allow her to blaze away at a moving animal.

An experienced shooter knows that when he (she) picks up a gun, he (she) is responsible for it, and the way it works. If you have doubts about its safety, you don’t use it. Before you shoot at something living, you check to see if it’s sighted in. Period. No excuses.

That set off Palin's brother, Chuck Heath Jr., who last year wrote the book "Our Sarah" with Chuck Heath Sr. The younger Heath said he's sent a letter to the editor to Field & Stream complaining about Petzal's post, and posted it on his own blog:

Petzal implying that Sarah has no experience with guns is akin to the bogus Washington Post story this week that said Sarah is going to work for Al Jazeera. Even a tiny bit of digging would have lead Mr. Petzal to a completely different conclusion.

The real problem, Heath writes, is that Chuck Sr. fell while carrying the former governor's gun, and knocked the sight askew. He complains that the blog item "is full of gaping holes and tarnishes the reputation of everyone who was involved in that hunt."

As Sarah explains, “He’s the typical lying SOB-type that I’ve been dealing with since 2008. I’m very disappointed in Field & Stream for printing his garbage. This made-up fantasy of the columnist ranks right up there with yesterday’s report in the Washington Post that claims I’m working for Al Jazeera. My retort to that one was: ‘Uum, right… and tomorrow I’m having coffee with Elvis at the Mocha Moose in Wasilla.’ Really, these silly people need to get a life!”








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