Alaska Ear: Ooops (2/17/13)

Sheila Toomey

OOOPS . . . You've probably heard about it by now but it's still worth a giggle: Fox News, everyone's favorite site for Truth and Justice (right?), ran a ho-hum story last week about the differences between men and women. To illustrate the feature, someone pulled a file wedding photo used in an old news story -- you know, gorgeous bride in white veil and gown, dishy groom in tux.

But uh oh, whoever picked the photo didn't look close enough -- or maybe just didn't read the photo caption? Earwigs easily recognized the happy newlyweds as an Anchorage couple who got married at the Empire State Building, one of the first lesbian weddings after New York OK'd same-sex marriage.

Fox punked by Fox, as one wag put it. How earish can you get? They pulled the photo as soon as someone pointed out that it didn't really illustrate the difference between men and women, but not before it went viral.

It's really a lovely photograph.

A BUSY GUY . . . A couple of weeks ago earwigs reported our new school superintendent, Jim Browder, walked out in protest while Mayor Sullivan made a presentation at some big public meeting. The mayor was playing that video about his education summit -- the one that trashes our schools. (It's on the muni website. Check it out for yourself).

Anyhow, Ear was skeptical. Maybe Browder just left because he'd seen the video before.

And maybe not. An earwig just emailed an angry letter written by Browder to the mayor that very day. It accuses Sullivan of using selected information to attack the School District, of "tearing it apart from the inside-out." The letter, copied to the Assembly and members of the School Board, accuses the mayor of reneging on an agreement to stop showing the "inaccurate" video.

Sullivan wrote back (or signed a letter) making nice but disagreeing that the video is divisive, saying he didn't update it because the district failed to send new information, and how he really appreciates Browder.

Darlings, Ear has no idea what's accurate or divisive and what's not but can a prolonged attack by the mayor on the School District possibly be constructive?

METEOR FEAR? . . . Earwigs report lobbyist Don Kubley will be featured on the reality show "Doomsday Preppers."

Yes, d'Ears, its a show that "explores the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are preparing for the end of the world as we know it."

The show is on the National Geographic channel Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

WHODUNNIT? . . . Sometimes there's just no improving on an Alaska State Trooper arrest report:

"Fairbanks, On 02-08-13, at 1808 hours, Troopers responded to the Justa Store parking lot in Fairbanks to assist a female subject that called 911. Troopers identified the caller as Kari M. Stiles (46 YOA of North Pole). Stiles notified Troopers she contacted them to report she was driving intoxicated and that her driver's license was currently revoked. Stiles admitted to driving a 1986 Ford Ranger to the Justa Store parking lot. Troopers suspected Stiles was impaired by alcohol and conducted a DUI investigation. Stiles was subsequently arrested for DUI and Driving with a Revoked License. Stiles was arrested and remanded at Fairbanks Correctional Center."

PUNKED TWO . . . That Washington Post columnist definitely got punked -- unintentionally -- by the fake Sarah Palin story on the Daily Currant, a well-known satirical website. The story quoted Sarah saying she was going to become a commentator for Al- Jazeera. (You can see the whole story on

But really, darlings, can you blame the Post writer for believing it was true? Is it crazier than other stuff Sarah has done? Whatever. Our Sarah got the last word when she tweeted the following:

"Hey @washingtonpost, I'm having coffee with Elvis this week. He works at the Mocha Moose in Wasilla."

The real question is, how many Valley folks read this, then hot-footed it over to the Mocha Moose? You know someone believed her.

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Sheila Toomey