Letter: Call bluff; let’s vote on gun issue

Call his bluff! During his State of the Union speech when President Obama addressed the gun issue he repeatedly stated, “It deserves a vote!” So let’s give him what he wants. Let’s have a vote. Let’s put everything on the table, let’s bet the house, all private gun ownership.

 I’ll risk everything on the outcome.

But President Obama needs to put everything on the table as well. If he loses the vote he and the Democratic Party leave gun owners alone forever. He never brings up the issue again. No gun bans, no registration, no enhanced background checks, no more demonizing legal guns or legal gun owners. Let’s dare President Obama to put up or shut up.

Let’s do something unprecedented. Let’s have a national referendum about the issue. Mandate every registered voter participate as it will affect every American.

So let’s do it, let’s call President Obama’s bluff. It deserves a vote. But only if he’s willing to risk everything he wants us to risk. All or nothing.

— John Klapproth