Letter: Exemplary EMS care should not be outsourced to lowest bidder

Irrespective of your position on organized labor in the public sector, members of the Anchorage community should be concerned regarding proposed ordinance AO No. 2013-37.

Language on “managed competition” identifies law enforcement and direct firefighting activity as being ineligible to be put out to bid to the private sector. This language does not include emergency medical services.

Currently Anchorage has a superior EMS system. We have one of the best cardiac arrest save rates in the nation, excellent response times, state of the art equipment and exceptional practitioners.

 I work as a paramedic for the Anchorage Fire Department and came to this job from a private EMS service. There is no comparison in the level of care provided. EMS within AFD is driven by what is best for patient care. This is not the case with private, for-profit EMS.

We should not allow this exemplary community resource be jeopardized by offering it to the lowest bidder with the best sales pitch. I encourage you to share this concern with Mayor Sullivan and the Assembly.

— Chip Serns