Letter: State is allowing mining company to jeopardize salmon habitat

Lots of things amaze me, from our capacity to buy just about anything to monarch butterflies’ ability to navigate their migration.

But one thing is even more inexplicable: Decision makers (the DNR commissioner is just one example) for our great state still allow a large Australian mining company, Riversdale Resources, to think that it can destroy salmon habitat in its quest for money and its dirty, dirty resource extraction that is archaic and harmful to human health.

The mine site would drain into the Matanuska River watershed, directly threatening returning salmon runs. It is absolutely wrong to neglect the health of thousands of people in the affected communities. People of Alaska, be aware that this Australian company does not have our best interests in mind. Be aware that our decision makers need to know how you feel. No matter where you are from in the state, check out this petition to Gov. Parnell concerning the impacts of coal mining: http://matvalley.org/takeaction.

What amazes you, reader? What will you stand up for?

— Kimbrough Mauney