Letter: Apology not enough for laughs from group of state lawmakers

In response to our legislators’ laughter at the mention of same-sex couples last Friday, I am responding as constituent  and married mother of three. Legally allowed to marry the person with whom I have chosen to spend my life, we’re able to provide benefits for our children, file joint taxes, and have none question or judge our relationship status in any venue, be it work, finances or out to dinner. 

Would that all Alaskans shared this ease to, as Rep. Lance Pruitt suggested on Friday, “have the opportunity to live in Alaska with a great future.”

The Legislature’s cursory and unsympathetic apology for their disrespectful laughter does not go far enough to prove they believe all Alaskan’s deserve equal opportunity to succeed in this state.

The only apology I, or the 70 percent of Alaskans who favor recognition for same-sex couples, should accept is an official caucus position and legislation that forwards the cause of equal protection and rights for our LGBT citizens. 

Anything less is laughable.

— Natalie Snyder