Letter: 'Beautiful Creatures’ awful on a supernatural level

Full disclosure: I only watched about one hour of “Beautiful Creatures” before walking out, something I never do. But that’s why I’m writing this review: Despite being rated at 3½ stars in ADN’s movie section, which was a major reason I decided to watch it, the movie is just awful.

A teenage girl, new to town, can barely control her supernatural powers and is, of course, derided and scorned by her new schoolmates. Haven’t we seen this triteness many, many times before? Her love interest, supposedly a high school junior, is played by an actor who appears to be about 26 years old. The reclusive, probably evil uncle (played by Jeremy Irons, whose name doesn’t appear in the newspaper, and who can blame him) is a caricature.

To paraphrase David Spade, I liked this movie better when it was called “Carrie.”

— George Nagel